Hello. My name is Lena (bravebirdie). I’m an artist from Ukraine. As an artist, people inspire me the most. Human strength, resilience, and wisdom are the primary sources of my artistic ideas. After beginning a full-scale war in Ukraine, such things inspire me even more.

Bravebirdie made illustrations for our Brave Collection.


I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator since 2016. My art is inspired by some old anime, like AKIRA and Ghost in the Shell.

Arif made illustrations for our The Sky Above The Port Collection.


I’m an illustrator human residing in Casablanca. I’m inspired by candid interactions, leafy things, Japanese culture, and interesting color pallets. Pink and black are my favorite colors. I invested all my time in developing my own style. A style that sets me apart from others. It’s detailed, bold, colorful, and accessible. My design process always starts with brainstorming ideas, four steps sketch then defining lines, adding shadow before lines, colors, and texture, and finishing the ring by adding multiple simple icons and typo graphics that add a more unique view to the artwork. Tools and software I am using are 100% adobe illustrator 😉

Dartslines made illustrations for our Tokyo Gashapon Collection.